Cognix is yet to complete a year in business but we already have 10 clients who have trusted us with their digital transformation initiatives.  You read it right. Yes, Digital Transformation.

Well, Cognix does Service Management and what has it got to do with Digital Transformation? Is that what you are asking? Well, think about it. What exactly is happening within the realm of digital transformation?

Better user experiences, bridging the gap between legacy systems and new technology using integration tools, optimizing computing infrastructure using the right mix of on-premise and cloud platforms – in other words hybrid IT, use of AI and allied systems for cognitive automation and providing a software-defined infrastructure for easy creation of application programming interfaces (API) which allows developers to quickly create an application that would otherwise take months to build. Don’t you think we covered digital transformation??

ServiceNow, the most powerful enterprise service management platform has all it takes to transform your digital journey. Here are some examples of how we did it.

  • Cognix built an easy to use, visually appealing service portal for one of our financial clients today by combining front end technologies such as Angular JS, HTML and CSS on top of the ServiceNow platform.
  • We implemented AtYourService, our cognitive virtual agent bot for a banking customer to handle reporting and service management needs on the ServiceNow platform with the facility to connect to a “live agent” any time during the conversation.
  • Our certified application developers helped our technology client integrate ServiceNow with SAP using connectors and Rest API calls.
  • We built a loaner application for a global client, which provided their employees with the ability to reserve any asset across their global locations during travel

These efforts were not siloed but were implemented across cross-functional departments such as Legal, HR, Marketing and Technology. True digital transformation lies in the effectiveness of bringing cross-functional teams across the organization together and ServiceNow makes it happen.