As ServiceNow customers wait to see the Virtual Agent Chatbot expected in the “London” release of ServiceNow, here is the Virtual agent Chatbot that Cognix has built for ServiceNow users.

Titled “AtYourService” the virtual agent chatbot is built using IBM Watson and uses Machine Learning to help ITIL users create incidents, run queries to get reports about open/closed/resolved incidents etc. “AtYourService” can be deployed on any portal and can be completely customized based on the company needs.

At the outset, here are some features readily available as part of “AtYourService”:

1. Shortly Resolved incidents(Within 24Hrs)
2.List out those incidents routing from one group to another group.
3. Calculate the incidents which is assigned to particular group that has no response
4. Categorize the incidents based on category and priority
5. List out all open VIP caller incidents
6. Which caller can be frequently raising the Incident tickets (to assess better service)
7. How many incidents Resolved by Knowledge Article
8. List out High priority tickets from Last 3 days
9. List out the last 30 days of Resolved Incidents
10.List out the last 15 days of onHold Incidents.
11. List out duplicate incidents
12. List out all the incidents which is created by user
13. How many incidents are related to problem.
14. List out all unassigned Incidents.
15. How many incidents has SLA breach but still in open state.
16. How many incidents are related to affected CI.
17. List out the last 30 days of Open Incidents.

And what’s the roadmap ahead:

1. Identify the logged in user and share status on last filed Incident
2. Extension to Customer Service Management and HR Service Delivery Suite
3.Connect with Live Agent if required

With all these features you might now be wondering, what is it going to cost? Well, the base version comes free of cost. Yes, you read it right. “IT”S FREE GUYS”. 🙂

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